A  N  N  A  K  A  H  O  E  L  K  

W    O    R    K                      G    A    L    L    E    R    Y                        B    I    O


The Paynes Vase/Organizer takes inspiration from the practical and unassuming material of corrugated plastic, enlarging and translating the basic repetitive form into a refined household object. Made of fogged acrylic, the repeating compartments can be used as an unexpected way to display flowers or as organizational dividers for office goods, tools or makeup brushes. The concept strives for multifunctionality while avoiding the unnecessary gadgetry and other usual pitfalls of the multifunctional aesthetic. Inspired by Ikebana, the small compartments encourage creative flower arrangements, the perfect shape for a long table centerpiece or perching on a credenza or display shelf.

materials: acrylic


Bor investigates the importance of lighting both as a sculptural object and as a way to transform space. Consisting of two circles of coloured glass held aloft by a metal frame, Bor harnesses the analog relationship between lightbulb and shade to create a unique and striking lighting condition that helps re-invigorate an environment. By interchanging the glass, dimming the bulb or simply re-orienting the lamp the effect of the light is dramatically altered, inviting users to actively engage with their spaces through the object.

materials: glass, mild steel


Pulling from the familiar archetype of the cone lampshade but modernizing it with industrial materials and architectural shapes, Nui unites sculpture and function while addressing lighting’s most enduring talent: the ability to transform a space. One of the main goals of this project was to design a lamp that produced a unique and interesting lighting condition simply through its form and material qualities, resulting in an extremely analog approach to lighting design. The simply shaped lampshade is transected by an interchangeable plexiglass bar, providing an unexpected line of color that glows from within and projects outward against a wall. With its ambiguous size, Nui doesn’t mandate a single use-case, and invites users to view it on a credenza, table or floor. 

materials: mild steel, acylic


The RGB table is an easy-to-produce, easy-to-assemble coffee table designed to help get simple, durable and fun modern design into more homes. This project began with the goal to design a coffee table that could be cut out of a sheet of plywood, flat packed for shippping and then assembled without any hardware, tools or glue. Using simple materials, but treating them with care, this table is designed to become more than the sum of its parts, resulting in a piece of furniture that is both refined and playful.

materials: baltic birch plywood


The Tedio Lamp is more than what meets the eye. Wanting to design a moody, warm, lantern-inspired light, I started experimenting with recycled dacron sailcloth and discovered a unique property: Dacron is generally quite an opaque cloth, but becomes translucent when illuminated. Thus, by layering red cloth inside white, Tedio’s lampshade appears white when turned off and unexpectedly glows red when turned on. This fun little magic trick allows the Tedio Lamp to remain sophisticated in appearance despite its large size, and still give off the desired lighting effect without the use of a coloured lightbulb or red LED.

materials: mild steel, recycled dacron sailcloth


The intent for this project was to design a family of vases that showcased and enhanced the beauty of just a few blooms rather than demanding a full bouquet. Not only are flowers expensive, they also often carry a large carbon footprint, so this series is designed to encourage people be thoughful about how they display and consume these beautiful blooms.

materials: scrap acrylic


This project began with the idea of distilling the ritual of a campfire into an indoor/outdoor furniture set that can be used in the city or during a fire ban. Made from locally sourced, sustainably harvested hemlock from Cortes Island, this set of collapsible furniture is designed to honour both the outdoor lifestyle and hostory of the westcoast and the quality and value of our wood products. To this end, these products draw visual queues from outdoor gear and apparel with neon orange details, while processing the wood as though making traditional solid wood furniture, allowing these pieces to be at home in both indoor and outdoor settings.

materials: local hemlock, steel, neon cord

Created with Clyde Montgomery and Claire Ko


Based on the huge displays of votive candles seen in European cathedrals, Altar is less a candle holder and more a stage for your candles. Playing into the idea of lighting candles as a ritual act –whether religious or not– Altar is designed with the entire process in mind, with an integrated maplewood matchbox and striker. Originally designed with a recycled cork insert to amplify the warmth of the candlelight, the updated Altar acknowledges the endless possibilities of the design with a fogged acrylic diffuser in its place. With its primary shapes and brutalist concrete, the architectural base provides a beautiful counterpoint to the organic dripping of wax, resulting in an unusual and gothically beautiful object.

materials: recycled cork, maplewood, concrete, acrylic

Created with Roz Khalilzadeh


Drawing on my experiences as a competitive sailor, this lamp’s form references the elegant shape of a spinnaker, the colourful and airy downwind sail. This elegantly rounded lampshade shelters a neon rod, providing adjustable yet bold lighting. To be placed on a side table, desk or trolley, this lamp makes a playful, confident and vibrant statement in any room.

materials: anodized aluminium, neon rod


Using the production process of slip casting, these goblets are an exploration of how to transform the humble material of clay into something refined and delicate, akin to the craftmenship of fine venetian glassware. This project is a rejection of stoneware as only a material for flatware and mugs, drawing from the material finesse of porcelain teaware but capitalizing on the inherent strength and predictability of a stoneware clay body to produce an object that subverts the expectations of a ceramic vessel. 

materials used: M370 stoneware clay body

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